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$700.00 EACH + GST
  • Suits 4 x 205L or a mixture of smaller drums up to load limit
  • Forklift or pallet truck compatible for handling
  • Sump capacity – 250L

Maximum load capacity – 1,250kg

Anglomoil Brake Cleaner
$6.00 EACH + GST
OR $54.00 + GST FOR A BOX OF 12

A dynamic non chlorinated, non toxic cleaner designed to rapidly remove brake fluids, oils, dust, dirt , grease and other contaminants from brake linings, disc pads, drums, clutch plates, rotors, cylinders and springs. Stops squeal in disc brakes and can be applied without disassembly of brakes. Anglomoil Brake Cleaner dries super fast which enables quicker brake part changes. It also cleans other workshop equipment. 

Anglomoil Chain Lube
$6.00 EACH + GST
OR $54.00 + GST FOR A BOX OF 12

An all purpose lubricant designed to lubricate, protect, waterproof surfaces from friction, abrading, binding, corroding, scratching and helps prevent squeaking. It is an ideal lubricant for forklift chains, motorcycle chains and any other surface that requires a tenacious lubricating film. Suits metal hinges, door catches, striker plates, cables and springs, outboard motors, chains, winches, jacks, garden tools etc. It is suitable for Automotive (cars, trucks, tractors and trailers), agriculture, marine, general industrial and household use. 

Anglomoil Degreaser
$5.00 EACH + GST
OR $52.00 + GST FOR A BOX OF 12

Composed of petroleum solvents and a detergent emulsifier. The cleaning action of the solvents is enhanced by the presence of aromatic components which improve penetration and solvency. Use Anglom Oil Degreaser for cleaning machinery, workshop floors etc, which can be heavily contaminated with grease and oil. Apply liberally and work into surface with a brush. Hose off with cold water. The oil and degreaser form a white milky emulsion with the water and will wash away, leaving the surface clean and free of oil. The emulsion formed is not stable and will soon separate into its water and oil components. This rapid separation is important for environmental reasons. The emulsifier used in Anglomoil Degreaser is derived from vegetable sources and is biodegradable: this also is important for environmental reasons.

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